A Fresh Perspective

What Human Needs can do for you

Human Needs (HN) is the first integrated bio-psycho-social model to be developed for business and workplace organisations and as such combines the latest biological, psychological and social discoveries into a cutting edge holistic approach for leadership, people and organisational development. The ideas and skills in this model have proven their worth across a number of domains including business, mental health, education and sport.

New understandings and insights made by Human Needs enable us to teach the following skills:

  • How to manage our own brain more effectively to consistently release our highest levels of intelligence
  • How to communicate with people so as to release their highest levels of motivation and intelligence
  • How to reduce intransigence and develop co-operative intelligence in team work
  • How to run meetings that have a clear focus, get everyone participating and people taking ownership on agreed action points
  • The art of the complex sale and how to work with all the stakeholders
  • How to create a living workflow in your business that everyone understands and is motivated to deliver


Working with your business or workplace organisation

Your current success is evidence that your leadership, business model and the work of your people has contributed to improving the lives of your customers to date. The ongoing success of your business depends upon your business’ capability to meet the evolving needs of its stakeholders.

Unmet stakeholder needs give rise to problems and challenges and therefore opportunities.
The HN approach enables these opportunities to be grasped by up-skilling your people and  developing a shared understanding of how the business can operate more effectively to meet the needs of all stakeholders.

The ideas and skills that we teach work with the real challenges, problems and opportunities that face the leadership and key people influencers in your business. This means that the benefits of the training are experienced from the very first meeting. It is usual for clients to experience improvements in motivation, performance, turnover and profitability from early on in the training.

In working with our clients in this way to enrich their business’ culture, we continue to make discoveries that improve the effectiveness of the HN approach which in turn enhances the efficiency of our clients business, their financial results and the efficacy of their people.