A Fresh Perspective

Why workplace organisations and businesses succeed or fail...

Businesses succeed when they meet the needs of the marketplace efficiently. The needs of the marketplace are always the Human Needs of people. People have biological needs for food, energy, water, shelter, transport, clothing, air etc which comprise a large portion of commerce.

People also have other less obvious needs which are equally as important and which strongly motivate them to work hard. For example some of these include the need to belong to a group, the need for status, control, security and the need for purpose in their lives. A thriving business needs to know not only how to meet the needs of the marketplace but also how to meet these human needs in their workforce. Businesses succeed or fail depending on whether their culture has the ability to meet the needs of both their workforce and their customers successfully.

The Human Needs approach provides a workplace template that enhances the viability of your business and ensures that the needs of all stakeholders are met sustainably by equipping leadership with the skills of enriching culture.